82 Language Primers Developed by Various State Governments so Far: Arjun Munda

New Delhi: Ministry of Tribal Affairs has through studies found that there are 780 languages spoken in India, of which 443 are said to be spoken by tribal communities. Details of such languages are maintained at https://www.peopleslinguisticsurvey.org/. This study has been made by the Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, Gujarat that is recognized by Tribal Affairs Ministry as a Centre of Excellence to carry out research in the field of Tribal languages.

The Ministry extends support to State Governments / UTs for development of bilingual Primers for preservation of tribal languages and enhancement of learning achievement level amongst the Scheduled Tribe Students. So far 82 language primers have been developed by various State Governments. For instanceJuang, Kisan, Koya, Oram, Saora in Odisha, Halbi, Korku, Bhili, Gondi in MadjyaPradseh and Khadia and Khorat in Jharkhand. This is an ongoing process.

Details of funds provided during last three years for development of language primers under the Scheme ‘Support to TRI’ and to Bhasha Research and Publication Centre (the CoE) under the scheme ‘Tribal Festival, Research Information and Mass Education’ is as under:

Year Funds provided to various States under the Scheme ‘Support to TRI’

(Rs. in Lakh)

Funds provided to Bhasha Research and Publication Centre under the Scheme ‘Tribal Festival, Research Information and Mass Education’

(Rs. in Lakh)


(Rs. in Lakh)

2017-18 19.00 14.08 33.08
2018-19 184.00 41.00 225.00
2019-20 134.00 21.38 155.38


This information was given by Minister for Tribal Affairs Shri Arjun Munda in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

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