8th edition of ‘Infusion’- IIM Rohtak’s Annual Cultural-Management-Social-Sports Festival started

Rohtak : The eighth edition of ‘Infusion’- IIM Rohtak’s Annual Cultural-Management-Social-Sports Festival started on a grand note with the inauguration by Prof Dheeraj Sharma, Director IIm Rohtak and Mr Pawan Gadia, CEO, Ferns N Petals. Infusion’20 with its amalgamation of a range of national-level competitions encompassing sports, management and cultural with cash prizes worth lakhs of rupees. The three-day event is attracting a staggeringly massive crowd of participants from NCR region. With Infusion’20, the stage is just getting bigger and better.
In light of India’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, IIM Rohtak, in association with its Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council, kickstarted the one-day management event ‘Udaan’, during the eighth edition of their annual festival Infusion. The event comprised of two panel discussions where experts from across the industry discoursed at length, the varied opportunities that will strengthen India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The topic of discussion for the first panel was ‘From a million-dollar idea to a billion-dollar dream! How to improve the success rate of the Indian Start-up ecosystem to achieve the 5Tn economy dream’. The personalities on the panel who embodied the subject of the talk are: Sumeet Kapur, Founder&CEO, Wellcure.com; Sneh Vaswani, Co-founder&CEO, Miko; Sreenivasan R, Co-founder, Career Launcher; Prerna Mukharya, Founder, Outline India.

Important topics and voices surfaced, including the impact of the challenges faced by a company in terms of scaling up. Upon being asked about their respective journeys, Sneh Vaswani recognised that educating the consumer about what a business is trying to propose yields a favourable outcome. He learnt that people were putting together savings in order to make an investment in the product his company has to offer.

Talking about the immense pool of talent in the country, R Sreenivasan urged on the need to ignite creative thinking for solutions at the grassroots level because despite the nationwide disorganisation in the field of academia, there are opportunities galore in terms of pursuing an entrepreneurial vision.“There is no right fits-all model”, said Prerna as she commented on the often-overlooked questionable characteristic of the foundation of policymaking.
The Second panel at Udaan, the flagship Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Rohtak, organised by Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council, discussed on the topic “Looking at Successful Entrepreneurial societies for ways to strengthen India’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.”The panel talked on the policy changes required to improve the ranking of India in Global Entrepreneurial Index. The panel consisted of esteemed guests- Mr Abhinav Kumar, VP, Product Marketing at Paytm; Mr Rajesh Sharma, Founder, Lets Comply; Mr Rahul Puri, Head Employer Relations, ACCA; and Mr Pankaj Dhingra, Global Finance Director, Boston Consulting Group.
Mr Rajesh Sharma highlighted the culture of seeking a safety cushion first in India before moving to an entrepreneurial venture. He emphasised that the time is always right for a start-up if you have the solution to the problems of society.
Mr Abhinav Kumar underlined the importance of time management, being quick to innovate and bringing the product to the market, and focusing on the endgame to become a successful entrepreneur. He further said that one should not focus on valuation, but on the problem as the bigger the problem one solves, the higher would be valuation.
Mr Pankaj Dhingra, talking at Udaan, the flagship Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Rohtak, emphasised on the importance of being open to learning to become a successful entrepreneur. He spoke of the listening skill disorder prevalent in which people are listening to respond than to understand. Mr Rahul Puri said, “Consulting is like Las Vegas, everyone wants to go there. But one needs the right attitude to become successful. To become an entrepreneur, one needs fire in the belly.” He further underscored the need for a complete ecosystem as a catalyst for creating a start-up culture in India.
Participants showcased their talent in Fashion Show of Infusion’20. Managerial events like “Operazione”, a case study competition by SCOMC, the Operations Club of IIM Rohtak; “Tatva”, a case study competition by Humane-R, the HR club of IIM Rohtak, and “El Empresario – The Crucible of Best managers!” at Infusion’20. Qissa The Band set the stage on fire with their soulful numbers and mellifluous music. Rahul Subramanian, one of the wittiest and satirical comedians, cheered the crowd with his stand-up act. Subham Rathi and Nisha Tewatia won the Mr. and Miss Infusion, respectively.
Infusion’20, amongst the biggest management events, brings with it a myriad of cultural, social, management, and sports events. Dance and singing competitions bring out the best talents. The Battle of the Bands keeps the crowd enthralled and the Star nights featuring Mr Darshan Rawal is sure to sway the audience from everyday nuances and mundane routines in coming days. The festivities will come to an end with the VH1 Supersonic EDM experience by DJ Van Moon and Bassworm.
Infusion’20 is sure to make heads turn and outperform its past legacies. It’s going to be a grand and unparalleled experience for everyone present.