“95% of India’s millennial affected by Stress.” shares Experts during a Stress Relieving Session at Amity University

New Delhi: Nowadays, world is witnessing and people are feeling extreme stress & tension in their daily routine life. In order to remedy the situation and quench the thirst of such people like how to manage the things and get relief from stress & tension, Amity Institute of Indian System of Medicine (AIISM) in collaboration with Brahamkumari Foundation organized a stress relieving session ‘No Stress No Tension’ under the banner of ‘Fit India Movement’ at Amity University Noida Campus wherein Brahamkumari Sister Surnaina, Brahamkumari Sister Falguni and Sh. Pradeep Narula enlightened the gathering by their spiritual speech and positive thoughts.

Talking about ‘Stress Management’, Brahamkumari Sister Falguni said that stress is a disease which has affected millions of people across the globe. She added that stress is the root cause of several chronic diseases and also disturbs the day to day functioning of personal & professional life. She apprised that a person’s mind is the reason behind stress. People cannot focus properly during some activities as their mind is distracted by multiple negative thoughts. “Our state of mind during situations causes stress and people need to understand how to tackle it.” Emphasizing on two main advantages of managing stress, Sister Falguni mentioned that the personal life becomes happy and peaceful, while, professionally a person becomes more productive and efficient. She reinstated that with a relaxed mind, a person can perform better in any activity. She further remarked that challenges are part of life and there are only options to face it, either stress free or with stress and the chosen option eventually impacts our future.

Sister Falguni highlighted the solutions to manage stress which were strengthening inner coping ability, self-understanding and self-empowerment. She urged the gathering to imbibe positive thoughts as peace is just a thought away.

Brahamkumari Sister Surnaina emphasized upon observing one’s thoughts, analyzing the consequences and then acting upon it. “Actions taken in stress can have negative effect on a person’s life.” She further conducted a brief meditation session.

Sharing a clinical data on stress in India, Sh. Pradeep Narula informed that 89percent of India’s population suffers from stress and 95% of India’s millennial are affected by it. He further mentioned that according to a survey, workplace stress is on a rise. 46% of workforce in India suffers from stress and 35% respondents of survey had reported boss as the single reason for it. Sh. Narula also talked about other reasons that causes stress in corporate India, which are lack of increments, career opportunities, work pressures and work-life balance amongst others. He laid emphasis upon the power meditation that calms the mind and helps in improving the decision making ability.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Satyendra K. Rajput, Director, Amity Institute of Indian System of Medicine said that tension and stress have become a part of everyone’s life which in a way harms the body. He opines that a peaceful mind can aid in bringing peace in family, society and world, at large. He underlined that Amity and Brahamkumari’s vision is in sync with country’s vision of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means the world is one family. This can only be achieved when there will be peace everywhere.

The session was attended by hundreds of students, faculty members and staff of Amity University.