A 9-year-old Billabong student won ‘Fight against Covid’ competition organised by iRobokid for creating online game for Covid 19

Mumbai: Amidst of the pandemic situation while many children are wondering what to do at home in this lockdown period. Ayush Sankaran a 9 year old grade IV student of Billabong High International School Malad is busy developing different apps and online games on COVID 19 to participate in different online competitions. Sankaran has won a game development competition “Fight against Covid’ organised by iRobokid. The results of the competition were declared on 5 May.

Sankaran has been pursuing his coding hobby, and taking part in online competitions wherever he sees an opportunity. Recently he participated in a game development contest titled “Fight against Covid” organized by iRobokid. The contest had entries from across India. Sankaran has been selected in the top 3 winning entries in the competition and he has won an Arduino starter kit and a full course in which he can learn coding using Arduino.

Sankaran has been pursuing his coding hobby in this period of lockdown. He loves coding and also won the MIT Inventor award for developing a quiz-game app, World of Magic in the category of app developers under 12 years from across the globe recently before lockdown. This app helps his classmates to enjoy English literature. According to his mother Lakshmi it just took him two months to develop that app.

Ayush Sankaran, said, “Covid-19 pandemic prevalent currently has impacted most of the competitive exams like Olympiads, spell bee and many others. But this has also brought in newer avenues to continue the learning process as many online learning platforms have opened up access to their entire resources which are otherwise expensive to access. There are some completely online platforms as well which are conducting competitive exams which I participate in. I am happy to win the iRobokid competition and I am developing more such games on the mobile app on COVID 19. This helps me to keep up with my learning schedules even during this period. I have a routine which I follow where I ensure that apart from my school’s digital classes, I devote two hours a day for studies. This leaves me with a lot of time to pursue other interests as well. I love coding and I am currently trying my hand at game development. I learnt coding on my own exploring the free resources from the internet and this has helped me in improving my research skills as well. I also get time to practice mridangam which I have been learning for the past 5 years.”

Below is a link to the game which Ayush has developed. The game is titled “CARONA, KARONA, HAMSE DARONA”


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