A meeting of science-enthusiastic students

The first meeting of the council of the student scientific society of the university took place in the Youth Innopark of PetrSU.
The meeting began with the acquaintance of the council members – chairmen and activists of scientific societies with each other, as well as with the chairman and curator of the university-wide SSS. The guys worked productively: they jointly discussed the council’s work plan for the coming academic year, made their ideas and suggestions.

Participation of the university-wide SSS in the national award “Student of the Year – 2021” was a topical topic for discussion. Olga Kälviyainen, Chairperson of the SSS of PetrSU, spoke in detail about the conditions of the competition at the regional stage, and the meeting participants asked questions of interest and decided on the applications.

At the end of the meeting, students keen on science determined the date, time and place of the first organizational meeting of the SSS of PetrSU this academic year, which will be announced later.