A meeting of the Educational and Methodological Council was held at PetrSU

The meeting of the Educational and Methodological Council of PetrSU was held in a remote format.

On November 19, the council meeting was devoted to issues aimed at solving problems of modernizing educational activities in connection with the PetrSU Development Program until 2030, as well as issues of supporting the electronic designer of educational programs and approving the composition of the UMC.

With a detailed presentation on the modernization of educational activities, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs K.G. Tarasov, instructing the Educational and Methodological Council to create six working groups in the following areas of activity: development of modern master’s programs; creation of educational programs in a network form; development of e-learning and digital educational services; development of programs in English; preparation of PetrSU programs for professional public and international accreditation; modernization of teacher education.

Head of the methodological department of the Educational and methodical management I.V. Makhankova noted the high importance of the timely filling of the electronic constructor of educational programs implemented at PetrSU with work programs of disciplines (RPD), since from 01.01.2021 the educational organization is obliged to post on its official website in the “Education” section not only annotations to the RPD, but also full content of work programs of disciplines (practices). This requirement is defined in the order of Rosobrnadzor dated August 14, 2020 No. 831 “On approval of the Requirements for the structure of the official website of an educational organization in the Internet.”

The meeting also approved the updated composition of the UMC, which included 46 participants – chairmen of educational and methodological commissions of institutes, a number of directors of institutes, deputy directors, teachers who have high achievements in educational and methodological work.

At the end of the meeting M.V. Danilova, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, announced the schedule for conducting methodological seminars of the UMU at the institutes on the transfer of educational programs in 2021 for admission of students to the new educational standards of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education 3 ++.


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