A new master’s program “Data Science” has been opened at PetrSU

A new master’s program “Data Science” has been launched at the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology.
The program prepares highly demanded specialists in artificial intelligence in the field of data analysis (Data Science). The acquired competencies will allow you to make a fast career.

A data scientist processes and analyzes large amounts of data using machine learning, finds new connections and patterns in the data to predict events. Dataseentist helps make decisions in science, business, industry and everyday life.

During the training, students will get acquainted with mathematical methods of modeling and forecasting, methods of extracting knowledge from data, modern tools for analyzing digital signals, images, speech and language, tools for developing intelligent systems.

They will acquire the skills and abilities of software development in the following areas:

Mathematical models and methods of data analysis
Methods of artificial intelligence. Data analysis in the processing of digital signals, images, natural language, speech. Mathematical modeling of financial, socio-economic, communication, production systems.

Development of algorithms and programming of data processing systems Data
processing algorithms. Data processing software tools. Big data processing technologies. Intelligent Space Technologies. Development of intelligent data processing systems.

Project activity in the field of development of data analysis systems
Case study of real customers. Participation in applied research and development work.

The main principles of the program are:

interdisciplinarity: from creating chat bots to predicting financial risks on the exchange;
practice-oriented: students get the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and skills necessary for further professional activity, participating in solving specific cases, in research and applied projects of partner companies.

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