A seminar for power engineers was conducted by a representative of the GRUNDFOS plant

A scientific and technical seminar “Engineering life support systems” was held at the Department of Energy Supply for Enterprises and Energy Saving of the Physico-Technical Institute of PetrSU.
Life support systems are part of every building. Their main purpose is to make the structure suitable for human life, as well as to create comfortable conditions for life and work. The seminar was conducted by Timur Yuldashev, a representative of the GRUNDFOS plant (Moscow).

Versatility and erudition are the qualities that engineers of the Soviet era possessed, what modern young specialists need to strive for, a keen interest in the chosen profession is important,

– Timur considers.

Energy is a single organism, and a heat power engineer must understand not only his own narrow sphere, but also related areas. Considering the realities of the time, close attention began to be paid to infrastructure facilities, many of which require serious modernization. Another factor that favorably affects the development of the energy industry is the spread of the idea of ​​energy service contracts, which allow the implementation of energy-saving technologies in life support systems. Undoubtedly, the popularity of BIM technologies is growing. An equally significant trend is the Internet of Things, which allows various components of an engineering system to interact with each other and find the best control option without human intervention. This is another direction of development in the specialty.

And a pleasant bonus of the meeting were the prizes provided by the company to mark the most initiative and active students of the department.

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