A series of interdepartmental educational and methodological webinars has been launched at PetrSU

On November 30, on the basis of the Zoom platform, a series of interdepartmental educational and methodological seminars-webinars “Specificity of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language at Various Levels of Proficiency” was opened.
The purpose of the webinars is to share professional experience in teaching RFL in a foreign language audience, discuss various methodological techniques from the author’s “methodological piggy bank”, identify the most effective for each level of Russian language proficiency, discuss emerging difficulties (problems) and possible ways to solve them.

The first webinar was dedicated to the specifics of teaching RFL from the ground up. The participants discussed the most relevant topic today – teaching Russian to foreign students in the context of distance learning.

Associate Professor of the Department of RFL N.G. Urvantseva spoke about the methods and techniques of working with Chinese zero-grade students in the first lessons, shared her experience of using various electronic resources that can not only help the teacher, but also diversify the learning process, make it more attractive for students.

Colleagues from the Petrozavodsk State Conservatoire named after V.I. Grigoryev presented reports on the experience of distance learning of foreign students at the primary level and speech training at the A1 level. A.K. Glazunova – staff of the Department of Humanities, Associate Professor E.A. Velikanov and Art. teacher M.A. Rudin.

Head Department of RFL A.A. Kotov spoke about the content of advanced training courses “Actual approaches in teaching Russian as a foreign language”, which were organized within the framework of the project “Russia in scientific and cultural dialogue” by the Granada University (Spain) and the Udmurt State University with financial support from a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (240 participants, including more than 170 teachers from 35 foreign countries, including Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Czech Republic, China, etc.).

A lively and informal discussion took place, which lasted about two and a half hours, during which each of the participants (a total of 15 people joined the webinar) had the opportunity to ask the authors of the reports questions, express their own opinion, comment on the most relevant moments from his point of view.

The head of the preparatory faculty of PetrSU EA Titova took part in the work of the seminar.

The webinar was organized by the Department of Russian Studies of the Institute of Philology in cooperation with the preparatory faculty of PetrSU and the Department of Humanities of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov.

The RFL Department thanks its colleagues for their participation and invites everyone interested in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language to further cooperation.

Источник: https://petrsu.ru/news/2020/91587/v-petrgu-dan-start-s#t20c