A team of PetrSU students visited Muezersky district with lectures and master classes

PetrSU students held career guidance events for schoolchildren.
In accordance with the Agreement on cooperation between PetrSU and the Muezersky municipal district, as well as within the framework of the “Youth of Karelia” project, students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU, including D.S. Borodenko, A.Kh. Umrikulova, U. M. Kamardina, E.V. Krasnolobova, E.V. Yaseva conducted career guidance events for students in grades 8.10 of the Muezerskaya secondary school, as well as for pupils of the Center for Continuing Education.

On the basis of the House of Culture, students made a presentation about PetrSU, and also talked about the activities of the student directorate and the joint student council.

V.V. Bely, head of the department of education and youth affairs of the Administration of the Muezersky municipal district, noted:

PetrSU students are very versatile individuals who create clubs, creative teams, interest studios in various fields. For example, on the basis of PetrSU there is a student tourist club “Sampo”, a sports ballroom dance studio “Ragtime”, an Indian dance studio “Indira”, an astronomical club “Asterion”. A volunteer and donor movement has been organized. There is a student media resource “Moroshka”, which publishes news on the brightest events of student life and the university.

After the lectures, the students held a dance master class in hip-hop for the children of the Muezersky district, a master class from the Green Crew ecological movement, and a master class in public speaking. At the end of the meeting, the quest “University” was organized for schoolchildren.

For the pupils of the Center for Continuing Education, students organized a dance master class in hip-hop, as well as conducted environmental games.
In the afternoon, an excursion to the school museum was organized for students on the basis of the Muezersky school, as well as an acquaintance with the mobile military-historical exposition “On the borders of the Muezersky district” of the military-historical museum in memory of the 32nd separate ski brigade of the Ledmozero school.

Ekaterina Krasnolobova, captain of the PetrSU student team, said:

The guys were very active and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with. Students of the Muezersk school prepared very interesting speeches about the Great Patriotic War.

The visit of the delegation of students took place with the active assistance of the Administration of the Muezersky municipal district and the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Kostomuksha.
PetrSU expresses its gratitude to the Administration of the Muezersky municipal district for help in organizing the event, as well as E.V. Timofeev, director of the Muezerskaya school, A.I. Jafarova, head of the recreation center of the village of Muezersky, L.A. Karpova, director of MBUDO CDO. Special thanks to Vladimir Vasilyevich Bely – Head of the Education and Youth Affairs Department of the Administration of the Muezersky District – for the great help and support provided to the team of PetrSU students in the town of Muezersky.


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