A video library of lectures on wooden architecture of the Russian North has been created

PetrSU is a partner of the scientific and practical project “By the Roads of Vainola” of the “Trajectory” charitable foundation.
Lectures on wooden architecture, ethnography and carpentry in Karelia and the Russian North were recorded in the course of the scientific-practical project “By the Roads of Väinola”.

The video library is posted on the “Gafostrov Village” YouTube channel .

More than 20 lectures and master classes are now freely available. The video archive is constantly updated.

The project “By the Roads of Vaynola” is an annual part-time program that includes research work on the study of history, ethnography, architecture of Karelia and the Russian North, preserved and lost architectural objects of the historical settlement of Gafostrov (Karelian Haukkasuari).

From July 1, 2020 to June 20, 2021 – in the correspondence period – 35 project participants take a course of lectures and prepare theoretical works. Themes of the work are related to architecture, crafts, the study of the traditions and culture of the Northern Karelians, the preservation of material and intangible cultural and historical heritage or the development of territories.

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