A&A Foundation Launches Nutrition Program for 35 Pourakarmikas in Halasuru Ward 90

Bengaluru: With an aim to ensure complete wellbeing of Pourakarmikas, A&A Foundation in association with Halasuru Residents Welfare Association (HRWA) has launched a Nutrition Program for 35 Pourakarmikas from Ward 90 near Kalyani Halasuru. A&A Foundation started by ML Amarnath & Anupama Amarnath, under its CSR initiative “Vrddhi” is sponsoring this nutrition program and has pledged to provide Enlightlife 365 Halerich 1 Enlightlife Superfood Metabolism and Immunity Booster Kit, free medical consultation thrice a year. The program has kicked off by providing free health check up for the Pourakarmikas. The program was announced earlier on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of India on August 15, 2020.

Identifying the need to extend their support to ensure complete wellbeing of Pourakarmikas, ML Amarnath, Co-Founder – A&A Foundation, said, “With reports of more than a lakh cases of COVID-19 registered in Bengaluru, staying indoors to ensure social distancing and safety has become the new normal. However, unlike us, Pourakarmikas have their duties to keep our city clean and thus, remain exposed to spread of the contagious virus through community transmission. It is, hence, our duty to ensure that these social warriors maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. This Nutrition Program has been designed specifically to monitor their basic health check up and help them boost their immunity with our Enlightlife Superfood Metabolism and Immunity Booster Kit to keep them healthy and fit and be able to defend from the dreadful virus. I am sure, that through our program, not only these warriors will be benefited but the society at large will too.”

Expressing their gratitude, the Pourakarmikas thanked the organizers for the support. A&A Foundation plans to carry out similar activities to all the wards in Bengaluru through its Vrddhi CSR connect program.