AACSB Announces New Brand Transformation, Signals New Era in Business Education

Tampa: Today AACSB International (AACSB), the world’s largest global busi ness education network, has launched a new face for the future of business education through the rollout of a new brand identity.

This announcement culminates a more than two-year transformational journey that was driven by the organization’s new mission and vision as well as market input from key stakeholders—students, the business community, employees, and a global membership network—and accelerated by major organizational milestones, including the appointment of a new CEO, the celebration of AACSB’s centennial, and the announcement of an industry-wide vision for business education.

“The world is changing at a tremendous rate, and it is our job as educators to lead and shape that change,” said Thomas R. Robinson, president and CEO of AACSB. “The industry identified this imperative through the launch of the Collective Vision, and since then, momentum has been building. AACSB knew more was needed to unify the industry and demonstrate the value, relevancy, and impact of business education—and to have a voice globally and locally in the regions we serve.”

Over its 100-year history, AACSB has consistently evolved to champion high-quality business education. Through a new strategy and identity, AACSB is expanding on its legacy in accreditation to assume the role of an industry-wide global “connector,” uniting the best minds in business education—and business—to prepare the next generation of business leaders.

“AACSB’s centennial was a moment of pride and reflection,” said Santiago Iñiguez, chair of the AACSB Board of Directors and president of IE University. “This turning point was spurred by a desire to do more to meet the changing needs of society and business, to reach out to new stakeholders, and to tap the limitless potential of the next generation of students. Our new brand is the embodiment of this new trajectory, and the first of many steps the organization will take to fulfill our deep-rooted commitment to connecting the industry around a common goal: transforming business education for global prosperity.”

Inspired by a new mission focused on engagement, innovation, and impact, and a bold new vision, AACSB will continue to refine its global portfolio of services while inviting leading educators and business innovators to become part of the movement through its Business Education Alliance. Examples include:

Fostering engagement with educators and industry. Through its Business Practice Council and Co-Lab conference, AACSB connects the business industry with educators to help shape the future of business education, co-create knowledge, and work together to address the needs of business and society. The AACSB Bridge Program connects senior business executives to classrooms as trained faculty, providing students worldwide with access to industry insights and practices.
Accelerating innovation through new ways of thinking and doing, ensuring success of business and future business leaders. Across global events such as ICAM 2017, the AACSB Dean’s Conference, topic-focused seminars, and through BizEd magazine, industry leaders share best practices and diverse perspectives. AACSB’s annual Innovations That Inspire challenge showcases the creativity and resourcefulness of business schools around the world.
Amplifying impact, demonstrating how business schools serve as a force for good. Through the Influential Leaders challenge, AACSB recognizes alumni of accredited schools who use their knowledge and skills in unique and impactful ways and, in doing so, underscore the critical role that business education plays in society. The Best Business Schools website provides resources to help prospective students research, select, and apply to the best business program to help them achieve their career aspirations.

“Today business schools are educating students for a world that doesn’t yet exist, and for demands not yet known,” said Robinson. “As long as we as an industry are committed to transforming ourselves, together we can prepare the leaders of today and tomorrow for whatever lies ahead.”