Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) kicks-off “Junk the Plastic” Campaign across India

New Delhi: As part of its continuous efforts to give back to the society, Aakash Educational Services Ltd. (AESL), the national leader in test preparation services, recently kick-started its “Junk the Plastic” campaign nationwide to spread awareness about the effect the use of plastic has on the environment and how this can be mitigated by recycling wasted plastic into something useful.

The campaign will be initiated in two ways:
1) First at Delhi NCR where waste will be collected from the homes and workspaces of employees, faculty and students and
2) Second through Plogging activities to be organized in various cities across the country.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Co-Promoter & CEO at Aakash Educational Services Ltd. (AESL) and Founder & Trustee at Plaksha University, “Plastic is the biggest wonder that mankind ever created. But, today this man-made creation is leading to problems that have not been handled correctly and it now represents one of the biggest environmental crises of the planet. It is time for the world to let go of its plastic addiction and completely migrate to biodegradable alternatives. This can be done through improving our waste management and moving towards a zero-pollution economic model. We at Aakash Institute feel an immense responsibility towards environmental degradation. We are determined to let go of single-use plastic from all our branches across the country, as our contribution towards helping create a real circular economy.”

In Delhi NCR, AESL has tied up with Shayna Ecounified India Pvt Ltd., a Government of India recognized recycling company that converts waste plastics into productive use by making dustbins, structural tiles, floor tiles and paver tiles.

All the households have some amount of waste plastics in various forms, which are usually thrown away without a thought about its adverse effects. AESL aims to collect that wasted plastics by asking employees, faculty and students to bring such waste and throw into designated bins kept at all our centres in Delhi NCR. The mission is to remove the plastic waste from all these households and to productively convert them through recycling to ensure that the wasted plastics do not find its way into landfills and water bodies in our Capital city.

The wasted plastic material can be in the form of shampoo bottles, face wash, plastic toys, broken chairs, thick polythene bags etc. The collected plastic will then be handed over to Shayna Ecounified which will then recycle the waste into making dustbins, structural tiles, floor tiles and paver tiles.

This initiative of AESL is a small step towards doing their bit as ‘informed and conscientious citizens’ to help reducing plastic pollution. The institute intends to start this as a pilot campaign and make it a periodical exercise thereafter.

In the second leg, AESL will also conduct Plogging activities nationwide starting with Goa today and later in Coimbatore, Agra and Amritsar. Students and faculty members will actively participate to support this campaign to spread awareness about the effect the use of plastic has on the environment by holding a march and resorting to Plogging (collecting plastic waste) from a designated area in the respective city.