Aakash Institute Kota will provide free tablet and one-year free internet data to all the repeater students preparing for NEET 2022!

Mumbai : Addressing a press conference held at a hotel on Jhalawar Road, Mr. Akhilesh Dixit, Regional Director of Akash Institute Kota said that in the midst of the fear of third wave of Corona, all those children and parents of the country are in a dilemma whose plan was to come to Kota and prepare!

Today’s situation is that those children who have planned to come to Kota for preparation, if they look for any other option instead of coming to Kota, then they are facing 6 types of losses!

First – they are being deprived of the expertise of Kota!

Second – some kids don’t even have an online device!

Third – If some children have a device, then they have a problem with the Internet!

Fourth – Some children are facing pressure on the eyes due to reading five to seven hours a day on small screen of the mobile.

Fifth – Students do not have their separate device to study and because of this, calls come again and again in the middle of class and the class is getting disconnected again and again!

Sixth – By adding the fee for offline and the device for online, the burden of fees is increasing on the child!

Aakash Institute is successfully running offline and online (hybrid) together for the last one decade, hence, it is not only aware of all these things but, to solve the problems it is also continuously conducting survey, research, development and improvement.

Aakash Institute Kota has come up with a wonderful course for all those students who have planned to come to Kota for studies, in which all their problems will be solved together!

Students should join this course! And then stay at home and prepare well according to the Kota Ecosystem till the offline starts properly!

Whenever the parents are completely sure about the safety of their kids, the child should come to Kota and start offline! After coming here, not even a single penny will be charged extra from the child!

Aakash Institute Kota will remain committed towards the children’s preparation continue without any hindrance and the student makes his dreams come true! More information can be obtained from Aakash Institute, Kota Road No. 1 or can also be obtained by contacting on 9461943753! The waiting list for the admission is about three weeks, if the admission is done today, it will take about 20 to 21 days for the class to start.

Aakash Institute Kota expresses its gratitude to all its parents and well-wishers from the bottom of their heart, due to their unwavering faith in this course, which was launched two days ago, all the batches starting in the next 20 days have been full!


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