Aalto University: A sunny Family Day attracted more than a thousand visitors on campus


The Family Day was an event full of science, art and technology, with plenty to see and do for all ages. The event on a sunny Saturday attracted more than a thousand visitors of different ages to the campus. The Family Day was attended by Aalto staff and alumni with their families.

During the day, we saw and heard science talks and presentations on topics of interest to everyone, exhibitions, performances, workshops and much more. The presenters and directors of the activities were Aalto staff members and students. The event’s activities spread from the Väre lobby through the School of Business to Maarintie. The Eventos application was used at the event, through which visitors could locate the activities and leave feedback about the day. Especially the versatile program received a lot of praise afterwards.

Kids playing with magic sand at Aalto Family Day.
The biggest attractions for the little ones in the family were, for example, Oasis of Radical Wellbeing’s kinetic “magic sand”, Aalto Junior’s Marshmallow challenge, huge soap bubbles, and a car track that works on electric trails. The children were especially interested in the performances of Mimi the Princess and Kuku the Lion known from TV, as well as Scientist Pii who does science tricks.

A car track that works on electric trails.
Interesting program items aimed at the whole family included, for example, tours of the Aalto Ice Tank, 3D-printed objects, a mobile phone recycling point, the Designs for Cooler Planet exhibition, and electric vehicles to be tested. During the day, we also heard mini-lectures on, for example, Aalto Junior’s services, Professor Jukka Tuhkuri’s trip to Antarctica, and robotics.

The family day will be organized again in 2024. Next year, the Alumni Day will be held instead.

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