Aalto University: Aalto University and Tampere University launch a digital pathway pilot for international students 

Aalto University and Tampere University are first Finnish universities to organise a digital pathway programme for international students. Pathway programmes are preparatory courses to help international students build the skills, knowledge, and qualifications needed to enter a degree programme at a university.

The University Pathway Finland (Science & Technology) programme gives international students an excellent opportunity to prepare for degree studies in Finland while studying from home. By successfully completing the University Pathway Finland programme, students have the chance to study at one of the selected degree programmes at Aalto University or Tampere University, Finland’s two largest universities of technology.

“For the first time, we offer a digital pathway programme in science and technology to attract international students to apply to degree studies in Finland and prepare them for studying at a Finnish university. After the pilot, we will continue to develop the programme together with other Finnish universities of technology”, says Petri Suomala, Vice President for Education at Aalto University.

Pathway students may progress to the following Bachelor’s degree programmes: 

Computational Engineering (Aalto University)
Digital Systems and Design (Aalto University)
Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Tampere University)
Computing and Electrical Engineering (Tampere University)
“The pathway programme for international students is a natural continuation of the well-established FITech education collaboration in the field of technology,” states Marja Sutela, Vice President for Education at Tampere University.

Studies in the University Pathway Finland programme will promote a smooth start of degree studies in Finland and integration into Finnish society. The pathway programme consists of courses in mathematics that are common to various engineering degree studies. Additionally, pathway students learn about the Finnish language and culture and gain essential study skills for Finnish university studies. The courses are delivered with the same enthusiasm and rigour as on-campus courses, focusing on challenge-based learning and facilitated teamwork.

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