Aalto University: Aalto University continues to offer study rights without fees to Ukraine’s university students


Ukrainian university students as well as students who have been granted asylum by Ukraine, and whose studies have been interrupted by the war, can apply for a non-degree study right without fees at Aalto University.

The study right entitles the student to complete individual courses (or study modules, e.g. minors), but not a degree. Most of the courses offered in English are on master’s level. The student needs a sufficient level of proficiency in English for their studies at Aalto.

Students may apply to Aalto University for bachelor’s or master’s degree studies as part of the normal admissions procedure.

The application period for these study rights is between 26 August and 16 December 2022.

The previous application for Ukraine’s students ended on 5 April. We received more than 100 applications and have offered a place to study to 59 students, 29 of whom have said that they would accept the offer.

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