Aalto University: Aalto University Summer School launches Climate, Health and Architecture as an online course for summer 2022

The Climate, Health and Architecture summer course offers an evidence-based, clear and factual introduction to climate change and its relationship to human activities, built environment and health.

Changing climate is causing increased stress to both buildings and their users. Today, the built environment is responsible for a large part of global greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is also the underlying driver behind many physical and mental health threats. This applies not only to humans but to most life on our planet.

Aalto University Summer School launches the summer course Climate, Health and Architecture as an online course, running from the end of May to the beginning of July 2022. The online, partly asynchronous format of the course makes it accessible to a wide variety of learners from different time zones.

The course begins with four weeks of self-study, consisting of high-quality pre-recorded lectures, guided assignments and a short weekly Zoom session with the course teachers and participants. The experience culminates in a week-long intensive with daily virtual and interactive sessions. Working professionals are accommodated with shorter days during the intensive.

‘We must change how we design, build and operate our built environment. By doing so, we can not only mitigate the ongoing climate change but also support the wellbeing of all life on this planet.’
Professor Matti Kuittinen, course teacher.

The course is led by Laura Arpiainen, Professor of Health and Wellbeing Architecture at Aalto University and Matti Kuittinen, Professor of Resource-efficient Construction at Aalto University and Senior Specialist at the Ministry of the Environment of Finland.

‘I was expecting to have more knowledge on the topics and be inspired by that, but I have gained even more: an inner inspiration by questioning the things we do and thinking about actions. The combination between lectures, group assignments and individual work was really good.’, says Annemarleen Kersbergen, course alumna from summer 2021.

‘We all know how powerful lifestyle choices can be for personal health. In this course, we learn about collective choices we can make as citizens and advocates for a better tomorrow for everyone. I am so optimistic about our students!’ says Laura Arpiainen.

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