Aalto University: Chemical engineering education is valued in working life, say graduates of 2015

According to the latest career monitoring survey, alumni of the School of Chemical Engineering are satisfied with their careers. The next survey will run from 4 October to 13 December 2021.

Finnish higher education institutions closely monitor the career development of graduates. The responses to the career monitoring surveys sent to Master’s degree graduates provide valuable information that is used by the School of Chemical Engineering to develop teaching and career guidance for students.

‘The career monitoring survey helps us to ensure that our teaching and degrees meet the skills needs of the working world. It is also important for students planning their careers to have information on the career paths of graduates. The responses also affect the funding the university receives from the Ministry of Education and Culture’, says Petri Suomala, Vice President for Education at Aalto University.

The career monitoring survey of Aalto University graduates is conducted five years after graduation. The most recent responses to the survey have come from alumni of the School of Chemical Engineering who graduated in 2015.

Chemical engineering alumni are well-employed in jobs that match their education and training
99% of graduates were in employment five years after graduation. More than half (59%) of the 2015 graduates are employed in large companies, a quarter in small and medium-sized enterprises. Universities employ seven per cent of respondents.

Over the past five years, alumni of the School of Chemical Engineering have progressed along a wide range of career paths. The job titles of the 2015 class include positions such as project manager, paper technology manager, researcher, process development engineer, environmental engineer, chemist, fermentation specialist, metallurgist, and researcher.

The majority of respondents are satisfied with their degree and their career
According to the survey, 93% of 2015 chemical engineering alumni are satisfied with their career. The majority of respondents are satisfied with their degree (89%) and would be willing to recommend the School of Chemical Engineering to others (85%). The requirements of the world of work were perceived as a good match for their academic qualifications (81%).

The most important skills for respondents’ careers so far were the ability to learn and absorb new knowledge, problem-solving skills, knowledge acquisition skills, analytical and systematic thinking, and self-direction.

Collaboration skills, being organised, and having the ability to cope with pressure also emerged as important attributes for success in the workplace.

Career tracking is carried out in all universities
The five-year career monitoring survey is part of the national career monitoring of academics in cooperation with Aarresaari. Aarresaari is a network of universities’ working life and career services, which includes 13 Finnish universities.

The surveys are carried out simultaneously in all universities bu using a uniform questionnaire. The surveys are carried out by the career monitoring group of the Aarresaari network of university employment and career services.

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