Aalto University: Data sculpture created at Aalto University moves to the University of Helsinki’s Kumpula campus


The Sonification Art Display creates an interactive aural and visual experience of environmental sensing and data. It converts Helsinki University’s MegaSense platform air quality data into an immersive sound and vision experience. The spectator controls the data sculpture by walking towards the circular visual display.

The art piece is created by Aalto ARTS’ Department of Art and Media and was commissioned by the City of Helsinki to make the art piece during the MegaSense led Urban Sense testbed project.

‘Each revolution of the display represents one day of air quality measurements. The nearer to the circular display the faster the days pass. Retreating from the interactive clock slows down the passage of time, so the air quality pulse of each day can be observed’, Senior Researcher Andrew Rebeiro-Hargrave says. Rebeiro-Hargrave coordinates the MegaSense Smart City project at the Department of Computer Science at University of Helsinki.

‘Creative solutions make it possible to present otherwise difficult-to-understand entities. With the help of an installation created by our multidisciplinary team, anyone can get hold of the topic through an audiovisual experience’, says Professor Rupesh Vyas from Aalto University.

The Sonification Art Display was situated in Mall of Tripla early 2022. The University of Helsinki has leased the art piece until January 2023.

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