Aalto University: Eight teams have completed the first round of Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program

Earlier this year, as a part of the Campus Incubators program supported by the City of Helsinki, Aalto University launched a new business pre-incubator tailored for the creative industries. As Aalto University is well-known for its technology-focused business accelerator services, the aim of the Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program is to create an additional entrepreneurial path which is based on creativity and intellectual capital. The first application period for the Aalto Digital Creatives program, which opened in early March, received 28 applications in total. The applicants had business ideas in the fields of media, gaming and performing arts.

A total of eight teams have now completed the Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program and are ready to move forward with their creative industry business ventures. One of the targets for the program is to reach practitioners from different branches of the creative industry. This aim was represented in the variety of business ideas that were chosen for the first batch of Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator.

All participants have worked with their unique ideas of how to fuel the creative industries by utilizing digital tools. As a part of the pre-incubation process some business ideas have been refined, whereas others have developed completely new projects during the program.

Among the first batch participants there were three business ideas geared towards the film and television industry: a collaborative platform enabling co-creation for filmmakers; a decentralized distribution network leveraged by blockchain technology and an upgraded primetime television format which uses motion capture for an added visual impact.

Two of the participating teams focused on developing gaming projects. One of the teams is designing a single-player first-person movement shooter game with an immersive story set in a fantasy world. Another team is working on developing the spatial use of AR for gaming in real-size environment.

To add to the catalogue of creating businesses which focus on intellectual capital, one of the participating teams has a project with the objective of creating multisensorial experiments to evoke emotions and to inspire people.

Two teams are focusing on media platforms but from different angles. One team is working on expanding their already established audiovisual channel which introduces the Finnish creative culture for a Spanish speaking audience. While another team aspires to take storytelling platforms to the next level by adding a layer of interactivity.

Aalto University is one of six higher education institutions which form the extending network of campus incubators. The Campus Incubators program is supported by the City of Helsinki and its focus is on strengthening Helsinki’s role as a supporter of innovation-led entrepreneurship. In Aalto University the program is coordinated by Aalto Startup Center and Aalto Studios.

The Aalto Digital Creatives program runs twice a year. The call for applications is currently open and its deadline is on 11.9.2022. Applications are encouraged from teams or individuals who have an idea for business and a background in the creative industries.