Aalto University: Good design benefits us all – welcome to open Design Talks lecture series

In an increasingly complex world, being able to simplify and make complexity understandable is extremely useful and valuable. Good design strives for best possible sense-making, usability, attractiveness and style.

DesignTalks series will have eight lectures during December 2021–May 2022. Each event will have its own theme discussing the relevance of design in different contexts such as sustainable development goals, corporations, cities, business-to-business, research, accessibility, creative projects, and many more.

All lectures will feature a speaker from Aalto University and one visiting professional. The first three talks will be held via Zoom.

The series will complement and continue our introductory on-line course to design: Design Bits. The series of talks is open for everyone, but Aalto students can get one ETCS study credit upon participating to all lectures and returning a learning diary.

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