Aalto University: More than 400 young people start engineering studies in the new bachelor’s majors of the School of Engineering


A total of 420 new students are starting this fall in the new bachelor’s majors at the School of Engineering. The bachelor majors were renewed in the autumn of 2021 and the new majors were first open for applications in the spring of 2022. The new majors are Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Communities, Real Estate Economics and Geoinformatics, and Civil Engineering. The old majors– Energy and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Built Environment are no longer applicable.

The number of starting places has increased this year with 85 places more than the year before, but also the number of applicants has increased by hundred. The most popular of the new majors in the joint application round was Energy and Mechanical Engineering, for which there were more than a thousand applicants in total. There are 195 starting places in the major. Most of the applicants to the School of Engineering have commonly been male, but the reform of the majors had a positive effect on the gender distribution as well. The majority of applicants for the Sustainable Communities major were female.

“We are looking forward to meeting the new students,” says Saara Kanerva, Planning Officer of the bachelor’s program in Engineering. “The growing number of students is exciting, but we are happy that the new majors interested the applicants. The bachelor’s program development work carried out during the year has produced good results.”

The new academic year starts on September 1, 2022, and the students’ orientation week on August 29.

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