Aalto University: Peter Liljeroth becomes new vice-dean at School of Science

Professor Peter Liljeroth has become the new vice-dean at the School of Science. His fields of responsibility include research and impact.

His term has begun at the beginning of the year, and it lasts until the end of 2024.

‘Ambitious fundamental research benefiting from cutting-edge research infrastructures is close to my heart and I will try to promote these strengths of the Aalto University School of Science,’ Liljeroth says.

Liljeroth replaces Matti Kaivola as vice-dean.

Liljeroth is currently professor at the Department of Applied Physics, where he leads the Atomic Scale Physics research group. The group carries out fundamental experimental research on condensed matter physics. They use scanning tunneling microscopy to study the atomic scale structure and electronic properties of quantum materials.

Relating to this research, Liljeroth currently leads an ERC Advanced Grant project. He is also an Academy Professor.

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