Aalto University: The field of Electronics-ICT offers diverse opportunities to solve future challenges

The current 5G wireless systems, and especially future 6G systems, require lots of computational and connectivity hardware to enable future visions of these systems. The modern wireless hardware with its complex system on chip (SoC) solutions includes multiple processors, AI and machine learning hardware, custom ASIP accelerators and wireless connectivity solutions in multiple bands.

To build smart systems, the industry needs future employees who understand these underlying technologies from microelectronics, signal processing, communications, machine learning, and hardware programming.

Finnish industry is committed to solve these challenges and constantly seeking talented students from Aalto students and graduates. One of these companies in this field is Nokia, which hires hundreds of trainees and young professional throughout the whole year.

‘As a trusted partner for critical networks, Nokia is committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks,’ says Pia Talonpoika, Head of Country HR Finland at Nokia.