Aalto University: The innovators of the Bachelor’s Programme in Engineering were awarded at the Day One


President Ilkka Niemelä awarded the School of Engineering concept group led by Vice Dean Jani Romanoff for their excellent work in renewing the program portfolios and structures of the education offered by the university.

The group that renewed the structure and program portfolio of the bachelor’s education includes: Heidi Falkenbach, Mirka Jalonen, Saara Kanerva, Marko Keskinen, Jani Romanoff, Sampo Sainio, Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio, Olli Seppänen, Kari Tammi and Camilla Vornanen-Winqvist.

The Education Impact Award is awarded for an action that has boldly used new forms of co-operation in developing the university’s teaching, and in the training of new game-changers for Finnish society.

Clear study options offer the skills required by society
The Bachelor’s Programme in Engineering was renewed in 2021 by creating clear study options that increase the attractiveness of the education offered by Aalto University, offer meaningful study paths, and give the graduated bachelors of technology good preparation to continue their master’s studies.

In Jani Romanoff’s guidance, the School of Engineering Bachelor’s programme’s structure has been modified to better match with the everyday activities of the school and the departments, in order to leave room for other academic activities and degree targets. With better learning and teaching experiences, education well-being also increases.

‘We expect the change to improve learning and teaching experiences and increase the well-being of students and teachers at the School of Engineering’, says Vice Dean Jani Romanoff.

The work of the concept group has been continued by the implementation group, which has successfully brought about detailed program-level measures for students starting their Bachelor of Technology studies in the fall of 2023.

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