Aalto University: The New Sustainability in Business online course strengthens knowledge of sustainable business

The new online course of the Aalto University School of Business calledThe New Sustainability in Business, which is open to all, introduces business practitioners and students to how companies can create sustainable value for the economy, the environment and society. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is free of charge and can be completed at your own pace. The course has been designed especially for company representatives and university students who are interested in the themes of corporate responsibility, sustainable value creation and sustainable development management.

‘Completing the course is a relatively quick way to get up-to-date information on current topics in sustainable business. The course also gives students a good image of potential career opportunities around sustainable business’, says Olli Sahimaa, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Management at the School of Business, who is part of the course core team.

After completing the course, the participants are able to demonstrate their knowledge of how companies impact the environment and society, among other things. They can also name examples of sustainable business models and apply different concrete tools for generating sustainable business innovations. In addition, the participants will identify how sustainability can affect various business operations from creating a strategy to supply chains, accounting and communication.

This practical online course is supported with the latest academic research, and in addition to Olli Sahimaa, its core team includes Doctoral Candidate Elizabeth Miller and Postdoctoral Researcher Teresa Haukkala, all from the Department of Management Studies at the School of Business. Other key authors include Assistant Professor Samuli Patala, Professor Minna Halme, Assistant Professor Patrick Shulist, Senior University Lecturer Leena Lankoski and Postdoctoral Researcher Tulin Dzhengiz, all fromthe Department of Management Studies, as well as Associate Professor of Logistics Katri Kauppi and Assistant Professor of Accounting Emma-Riikka Myllymäki.

The course consists of four modules that have a total of 13 compact sub-modules. After each sub-module, there are multiple-choice questions to make sure that you have understood the key concepts. Further reading is also provided after each section if you wish to learn more about a specific area.