Aarvi Encon associates with Indian PSUs to facilitate hiring of professionals for seamless transition from BS IV to BS VI fuel norms


Mumbai: Aarvi Encon Limited, one of India’s leading technical manpower outsourcing companies, has begun hiring for positions in the Oil and Gas sector for PSU oil companies partaking in Bharat Stage (BS) VI projects. This announcement comes after Indian government instructed oil refineries to follow Euro-VI norms and adopt BS VI, an ultra-clean fuel qualifying the stringent fuel quality parameters, from the existing BS-IV fuel in use. The transition means operations; machine and infrastructure frameworks need to be upgraded across 16 refineries to meet the new BS VI standards, resulting in the demand of 2000 engineering jobs which Aarvi will help the companies to fill.

For the projects, the unit operations for the existing 16 refineries across the country need large-scale upgrades amounting to between INR 4000 to 5000 crores. Compared to the earlier levels of sulphur and benzene in BS-IV fuels, BS-VI has a much lower sulphur and benzene content, which is an indication of a significantly cleaner fuel. Using BS VI fuel will help to implement advanced after treatment devices, which reduce harmful vehicular and machine-based emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons by over 50-60 percent. India aims to achieve Euro-VI emission compliance standards by 2020.

To set these plans in motion, Aarvi Encon will deploy engineers specialising in project, design and planning to supervise contractors at the refinery sites. The refining company, PMC and contracting companies will each require over 100 engineers approximately per site location to complete the necessary upgradation in the stipulated period of time.

Speaking about the plans for expansion and the BS-VI projects, Jaydev V. Sanghavi, Executive Director, Aarvi Encon Limited, said, “The switch from BS-IV fuels to BS-VI fuels is a big move for the country towards lowering levels of Greenhouse gases and pollutants in the air. The introduction of this new grade of fuel also explains the large-scale changes taking place across Oil & Gas industries, led by the petrol and diesel sector as most major processes pertain to this fuel.

In addition to having a great impact on the environment, this switchover has also created several job openings in this field, with over 2000 engineering positions opening up for new employees. We are pleased to be playing a role in this movement by hiring and deploying manpower for oil refineries across the country. We hope the engineers joining through Aarvi will be able to seamlessly and optimally realize this transition that promises a greener future and improved socio-economic infrastructure in the country.”

Aarvi Encon has been at the forefront of India’s staffing solutions sector, providing manpower supply services and outsourcing to companies across industries pertaining to the Energy sector. For the BS-VI projects, the company has seen an increased demand for, and is actively seeking candidates in the domains of technical manpower, technicians and operators mainly falling under the profiles of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Chemical Engineers.