AAS Vidyalaya- a mobile app to solve problems of civic-run schools

New Delhi: Small-scale and government schools are shutting down in various parts of the state, majorly due to the dearth of teachers’ availability and the teacher-student ratio going haywire. Teachers shy away from taking interest in teaching due to low remuneration and scope of growth, no motivation because of the quality of students and many such problems.

AAS Vidyalaya, a Mumbai based startup is determined to facilitate education through a mobile-based app bringing an entire classroom to operate virtually. With pre-recorded class sessions and the entire school syllabus covered, AAS needs no teachers to run a school. While 1 lecture can be consumed by a vast number of students, the app proves to be the most cost-effective set up for civic schools.

Teachers can work from home to record lectures, according to their own flexibility and get paid well. AAS also serves as an excellent opportunity for educated housewives, looking for an opportunity in the arena of education.

A school just needs to hire an operator to facilitate the streaming of classroom lectures. The set up infrastructure holistically care-takes the class attendance, subject lectures, tests, parent-teacher meetings, etc. Students can video chat with the teachers and get their doubts and queries solved.

AAS Vidyalaya aims at solving challenges faced by civic and locally run schools these days, focusing on 1:1000 – teacher-student ratio. A simple change will make a change. E-learning is the biggest change to be in 2018.

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