Abhishek Bachchan to feaure on IVM Podcast’s 50th episode of Football Shootball as a guest

Mumbai: The current time has seen a boom on diverse entertainment options- right from OTT’s to Podcasts gaining prominence. IVM Podcasts, India’s largest podcast network is celebrating the 50th episode of the podcast ‘Football शुटबॉल’, an informative yet wacky shot on the sport. To celebrate the golden milestone, a die-hard football fan himself, Abhishek Bachchan, the much loved Bollywood actor has been featured as the guest star of the show which airs today on IVM Podcasts.

The show is hosted by three die hard football fans named Gaurav, Sivaram and Karthik, who will brings you in depth analysis along with unhinged banter. Predictions, rumours, controversies, match reviews, even picking your fantasy football side, Football Shootball does not miss a single point.

Elevating the business with sharp business acumen and passion for sport, Abhishek Bachchan is actively involved in a number of sports, charity matches and is a well-established football fanatic himself. When not busy with the movies, sports seem to be the actor’s muse, which makes this Bachchan the right fit as the guest of the celebratory episode of the podcast.

Abhishek will be heard sharing fun anecdotes, memories as well as his own experiences and perspective to football and sports- right from his childhood to present day.

Talking about his debut on the podcast, Abhishek Bachchan said “I have one big regret about this podcast and that is not doing it sooner! Some of my earliest memories are of my father sitting in front of the television and watching the match where it was cricket, tennis or football and that’s where my love for sports emerged from. Sports beyond cricket is not so popular in India and we need more content like this, I know I enjoyed it and I’m sure other sports fans would too.”

On the occasion of the 50th episode, Amit Doshi, Founder, IVM Podcasts said, “It is a half century for the show and it feels we just started. As producers, we aim at keeping it relevant, engaging and fun and to watch Football Shootball create its intimate fanbase has been a fantastic journey. It was an absolute blast having Abhishek on board for this milestone episode and I’m so glad he had a great time doing this episode with us.”

Commenting on the 50th episode, Kavita Rajwade, Co-founder, IVM Podcasts said, “This particular show has been very special to us. The sheer fanaticism of football fans and the enthusiasm of our hosts have clearly shown the appetite that sports fans have diversified and unique content and hopefully this is only the beginning for us. Here’s to the next 50 episodes for Football Shootball!.”

IVM Podcasts, the podcast network in India, celebrated its fifth anniversary on March 8 by announcing the addition of five new shows to their catalogue and crossing 100 shows on the platform. A premier player in the Indian podcasting space, IVM has witnessed a huge rise in its listener numbers, serving all kinds of podcasts to its listeners — from comedy, politics, advertising to business.

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