ABK High School Girls observe Vigilance Awareness Week, pledge for corruption-free Country

Aligarh: With corruption being one of the major obstacles to country’s economic, political and social progress; students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) ABK High School Girls took a pledge to build a corruption-free India.

The pledge was administered as a part of ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ observations on the theme, ‘Integrity- A Way of Life’ by students of the school.

“Students, teachers and other staff, pledged to promote ethical practices, foster a culture of honesty and integrity, not to offer or accept bribes, maintain highest standards of integrity, transparency and good governance,” said Vice Principal of the school, Dr Saba Hasan.

During the week long observations, which concluded today, the school students presented skits, delivered speeches, drew posters, wrote slogans and organised bicycle rallies to promote probity in public life and to achieve a corruption-free society.

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