ABLE Charities runs COVID Relief Campaign ‘Show your care, Give your share’ to aid the needy amid a pandemic

Faridabad: At a time when the entire country is fighting COVID-19, which has affected millions of lives worldwide; ABLE Charities, an internationally registered non-profit organization that operates in the rural areas of Palwal and slums of Faridabad, is undertaking vital steps for the survival of the most vulnerable sections of society, the poor, slum dwellers and migrant workers.

The organization has come up with a COVID Relief Campaign “Show your care, Give your share”.

The Campaign aims to provide a supporting shoulder to the poor section of society by serving their basic needs in terms of food, water, shoes, and most importantly, medicines. As a result of their rigorous awareness campaign, ABLE Charities managed to raise a donation over Rs 4 lacs in the month of April & May. The collected money is being used to provide essentials to the poor.

Telling about the organization’s contribution in providing food to needy people, Squadron Leader (Retd.) Prem Khullar, Founder of ABLE Charities said, “Nearly 44,576 Kg of food has been distributed so far. It cost nearly Rs 20 Lakh. Estimating that one kg of food feeds six people, we planned to serve food to over 2,50,000 needy people.”

Another very essential and basic need for the survival of any individual is water. To help migrant workers and laborers, who have been paving their way back home on foot, and ease their journey, ABLE Charities distributed 300 litres of drinking water & necessary medicines on daily basis since the lockdown started.

During this pandemic of helplessness, the organization is also trying to provide free medicines to the slum dwellers in various places across Faridabad. Keeping alignment with its mission of improving the quality of life, with a special focus on women and children, the organization has also donated 200 pairs of slippers in the Palwal district, costing nearly Rs 12000.

Seeing the success of “Show your care, Give your share” over last month, ABLE is now focusing on the two major life amenities, water and medicine.

Contentedly, ABLE Charities has joined hands to take the responsibility of improving the quality of life of the indigent citizens of the country. It now looks forward to receiving a further contribution of people to continue its campaign and assist the impoverished.