About the creative plans of “Toiva” in the “Year of Karelian Runes”

The year 2021 in the Republic of Karelia is officially declared the Year of Karelian runes – folklore poetry, on the basis of which Elias Lönnrot created the world famous epic “Kalevala”.
The official opening of the Year of Karelian Runes took place on February 25, 2021 at the National Library of the Republic of Karelia.

From the ensemble of folk music of PetrSU “Toive”, Voitovich Alevtina Arkadyevna was invited to this event, who spoke about the achievements and creative plans of the group:

The plan of the year of Karelian runes includes activities aimed at preserving, developing and popularizing the Karelian runic singing tradition. During this year, the republic will host numerous exhibitions, thematic evenings, quizzes, festivals and competitions, where people of different ages will be able to participate. Of course, the ensemble “Toive” cannot stand aside and will take an active part in many planned events of the event year. So, on February 20 in Pryazh the IV Interregional online competition for young performers “Kaleva” named after V.L. Calabers. For the first time, within the framework of the competition, a new nomination was established – “Execution of Karelian runes”, to which we sent two runes – “Alkusanat” (“Zachin”, North Karelian rune) and “Kun mun kultani tulisi (” If a cute one appeared “, Ingermanland rune) …

On March 1, in the Great Hall of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov, a concert “Kalevala” in the music of composers of Karelia took place. ” The presenter of this concert, a member of the Toive ensemble, Maria Korobeinikova, delighted the audience with an impeccable performance of Karelian runes.

This year is a pre-jubilee and very eventful year for the ensemble. Our plans include concerts in the rune-singing village of Voknavolok, the village of Kalevala, Pryazhe, participation in seminars, a meeting with schoolchildren of the ethnocultural camp “Meeting the Young in the Karelian Land”, a solo concert “Kalevala tunes”, concert performances within the framework of events dedicated to the Year of Karelian Runes in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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