About the Vepsian language for schoolchildren

The meeting timed to the “Week of the Karelian and Vepsian languages” took place in the Petrozavodsk school №43.
An invitation to meet with students and tell about the indigenous peoples of the Republic of Karelia and their language was received by the associate professor of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology O.Yu. Zhukov.

She gladly conducted a lesson, introducing the children to the peculiarities of the Vepsian language, talking about the people, the national costume, about books and a children’s magazine. The schoolchildren got acquainted with the alphabet with great interest, they themselves read the poem in the Vepsian language, they were very active: they answered questions and asked a lot.

Such meetings are interesting for children and are important for maintaining communication between the department and schools, the organizers think.


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