ABP News’ Morning Show, ‘Namaste Bharat’ dazzles viewers with a unique format

Noida: Zealously fulfilling the promise of delivering the most innovative content, ABP News’ Morning Show, ‘Namaste Bharat’ has become a viewers’ favorite since its launch this year. The show was tuned-in by more than 17 Crore people between Wk 13-25’20. (Source BARC, TG- 2+, Mkt- All India, Cuml. Reach in Cr, Latest 13 Wks (Wk 13-25’20), 0600-1000 AM (Wkdays), and has emerged as a solution provider to the growing challenges of the fast-paced life.

A unique show which transcends the regular news narratives and commentaries, Namaste Bharat has brought an objective & ‘no-non-sense’ presentation of news to the audience. With a promise to give the just the right head-start for the day to its viewers, the show provides a quick wrap-up of news of the day along with a detailed preview of the developing stories. It has been distinctly curated to blend seamlessly with the viewers’ morning chores and give them everything they need to get their day going.

The viewership numbers of the show, stand as a testimony to its distinctive character and offerings. Apart from bringing an objective, no-non sense news presentation, the show provides the simplification of complex issues to the audience, coalesced with relatable & knowledgeable content. The show has been thoughtfully disintegrated into two segments, the first being, short stories which are telecast in the first half and the second being, long stories which are shown in the second half of every hour.

The all-inclusive show covers political stories to help viewers form an opinion, Crime reporting
to help them stay safe and vigilant, Sports stories to provide them with conversation cues, and Weather alerts to help them plan the rest of their day.

The show’s setting is plush with a state-of-the-art virtual set created by designers from Europe & Latin America. The set has floor graphics, touchscreen for interactive news presentation, and a social media wall for trending topics. Not only that, the new seating style of anchors on a couch has found great resonance with the morning news viewer.

Speaking on the popularity of the show, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network said, “With an exemplary line-up of relevant, knowledgeable, and riveting content, Namaste Bharat has been lauded by the viewers, time and again. At ANN, we have always strived to create content which is not only highly appealing for our viewers but also brings immense value to our advertisers and partners. The novel approach that was taken by us in creating Namaste Bharat ensures a sui generis offering, which goes beyond the mainstream. ABP News has always been known for its innovative programming and this show is a paragon of such innovation. These unique characteristics have been significant to its popularity.”

Tune in to watch ‘Namaste Bharat’ on Monday – Friday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM on ABP News.