Academic choir of PetrSU at the concert of choral music “Voices of Spring” in St. Petersburg

On April 10, in the White Hall of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the choir sounded like a single mechanism, set to inspire with its music and glowing eyes. And a full hall of sensitive listeners was ready to listen to every note and every melody. Various compositions performed by the Academic Choir of PetrSU sounded on the stage of the White Hall – starting from the joyful wedding song “Get up, sun!” and ending with the magical compositions of the Norwegian composer Ola Yeylo.

The longest applause and the most enthusiastic reviews – all this delighted the choristers and the leaders of the collective: Nikolai Matashin, Svetlana Semyonova and Elena Yelyna.

Here are some of the choristers’ comments on the trip:

Lyuba Zybina, 1st year, Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies:

It was a trip full of energy and love for music. With such a sympathetic and cheerful team, you immediately feel like a part of a large choral family. Looking forward to the next one!

Varvara Pimenova, 4th year, Institute of Foreign Languages:

The first visiting concert in a long time left warm impressions and reminded us how dear choral trips are to us. The audience was very welcoming and grateful.

On May 9, the Academic Choir of PetrSU will again go on a journey to the International Choir Festival “Rainbow”, which will be held in St. Petersburg from May 9 to 12. The choir will present its competition program at the State Academic Capella and participate in a master class by maestro B.G. Abalyan, which will take place in the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

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