ACC enables 33,338 affordable houses across India through its Green Building Centres model

Mumbai : ACC Ltd., one of India’s leading producers of cement and ready-mix concrete, offers a unique and sustainable model of living through Green Building Centres (GBC). In 2021, GBCs enabled 33,338 affordable homes across India through GBC products.


Green Building Centres are designed to provide durable and affordable housing solutions in India by promoting sustainable building materials, building techniques and locally trained workforce. Green Building Centre helps catalyse rural and semi-urban development. It goes beyond cement and concrete to create environmentally friendly and affordable alternatives to traditional clay burnt bricks, creating a new place in the market for masonry and paving products.


Based on a franchise business model, unique across the world, local entrepreneurs supported by ACC have established ~150 centres in various districts in India. In 2021, the total number of beneficiaries at GBC receiving direct livelihood support were approximately 2,800.


GBCs were also able to help generate livelihoods through their Mason Training Programme, which aims to develop construction skills. Each centre contributes directly to the creation of livelihoods.


Mr. Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited, said: “Green Building Centres is a unique programme that aims to provide affordable housing, sanitation solutions, rural and semi-urban pavement solutions which is a key pillar in our plan for people and communities in India. At ACC, we believe in embracing communities and working together to effect real change. Through the Mason Training Program at GBCs, we also give real opportunities to young Indians for self-development. We not only want to build our nation with sustainable building solutions, but also empower the nation’s youth through entrepreneurship, livelihood and skill development initiatives.”


In 2021, ACC assisted in setting up of 40 new GBCs, bringing the total number to over 150 centres, few in operation and few under construction.

With sustainability as their core agenda, GBCs in 2021 collectively contributed to the use of 88,058 tonnes of fly ash, the conservation of 1, 90,792 tonnes of the Earth’s natural topsoil, and the avoidance of 13,429 MT of CO2 emissions. Through ACC, Holcim India aims to facilitate creation of 1 million houses and toilets in semi-urban and rural India by 2025.