Acceptance of applications for the “Start” program of the Innovation Promotion Fund has begun

The “Start” program is aimed at creating new and supporting existing small innovative enterprises that are at an early stage of development and strive to develop and master the production of new products, technologies or services using the results of their own scientific, technical and technological research with significant potential for commercialization.
Within the framework of the program, projects are selected in the following thematic areas (lots):

H1. Digital technologies;
H2. Medicine and technologies of health preservation;
H3. New materials and chemical technologies;
H4. New devices and intelligent manufacturing technologies;
H5. Biotechnology;
H6. Resource-saving energy.
The program is implemented in 2 stages:

1st stage of the program (competition “Start-1”);
2nd stage of the program (competition “Start-2”).
During the implementation of the 1st stage of the Program (competition “Start-1”), applied research and experimental development are carried out, which will allow checking the feasibility of scientific and technical approaches and solutions laid down in R&D to remove scientific and technical risks of the project as a whole, as well as will allow assessing the possibility of creating a product that is in demand on the market at the subsequent stages of the project. R&D results during the 1st stage of the program should create the prerequisites for attracting an investor to co-finance the project from the 2nd stage of the program.

Applications for the “Start-1″ competition will be accepted from April 21 to 10:00 (Moscow time) on May 31, 2021.

You can submit an application through the ” AS Fond-M” system.

Detailed conditions and procedure for participation in the program are posted in the Regulations on the “Start-1” competition within the “Start” program.

The main parameters of the support provided for the “Start-1” competition:

grant size – up to 3 million rubles;
The term for R&D is 12 months (in 2 stages) from the date of the grant agreement.
Individuals and legal entities – subjects of small business can take part in the competition.

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