Acharya Prashant enlightening the students at IIT, Delhi

New Delhi: On 26th of February Acharya Prashant delivered an interactive talk on ‘Fearless Authenticity’ at IIT, Delhi. The event was organized by NRCVEE, IIT-D in association with Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC).
The event was attended by hundreds of IIT-D students along with the professors. It was not just restricted to the campus but followers from across the city were also welcomed to be a part of the enlightening talk.
Acharya Prashant, a wisdom teacher and author of more than twenty books covered wide range of subjects from stress in academic and professional life, to fear and insecurity, and from the future of planet Earth to the limitations of human life.
He also touched upon some of the intricate topics of prevalent fear among the academic community. Guiding the mass through the path of wisdom, Acharya elucidated the importance of rationality in spirituality explaining that the two cannot be kept apart in isolation.
Owing to his vast realm of knowledge and experience, Acharya was able to widen the reasoning horizon of the audience.
On being asked about the essence of fear and insecurity prevailing in society, Acharya Prashant said, “All kinds of fear can be overcome by reaching the pinnacle of reason while realizing its limitations. This helps in fixing the mind’s fundamental issues like fear, lust and greed.”

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