Acquaintance with the culture and traditions of Scotland

At the Department of Germanic Philology and Scandinavian Studies, a cultural and educational event “Scotland in Myths and in Reality” was held under the guidance of senior teacher Irina Valerievna Chepurina.
At the event, hosted by the Zoom platform, attendees were encouraged to sail to the shores of Scotland in the imaginary ship Caledonia. The crew of the ship’s command included I.V. Chepurina, undergraduates Elizaveta Bruchikova and Artem Antipov, as well as students Diana Kocheeva and Valeria Kostygova. The rest of the participants took the places of the guests on the ship.

During the trip, the crew of the team talked about the culture, traditions, myths and everyday life of the Scots. In the final, the participants were asked to guess the days of the week, encoded in Scottish runes, and to place the numbers correctly in Gaelic.

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