ACT Fibernet contributes 25,000 rapid antigen testing kits towards Telangana Government’s fight to counter Covid-19

Bengaluru: Extending its support to combat Covid-19, ACT Fibernet, one of India’s largest fiber broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider), today joined hands with the Government of Telangana to fight this pandemic. The company has donated 25,000 rapid antigen testing kits to the Medical Infrastructure Division, Department of Health, Government of Telangana to provide hospitals with necessary resources to test and correctly determine patients suffering from the disease without any complications.

The pandemic has brought about unmitigated duress and grave difficulty across all spheres, creating repercussions for individuals, businesses and companies to survive and navigate through it. In the midst of these unprecedented times, as cases continue rising and the country is braving the shift to the new normal, ACT Fibernet has extended its support through the form of contributing these essential rapid antigen test kits that will enable doctors to determine individuals showing with symptoms of Covid-19 as positive or negative. Testing is the foremost step towards diagnosis and through these tests, medical professionals will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose, treat and help patients recover.

”The fight against Covid-19 is a long one and we are not alone in this. This has affected us in all ways and we needed support from all corners. We are glad that ACT Fibernet has stood with us in this fight and I sincerely thank them.”, K. T. Rama Rao, Honourable Minister for IT, Industries and Municipal Administration.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in our lives, pushing all of us to undertake severe precautionary measures as a means of survival. The need of the hour is to collaborate with the government in this monumental fight. We are very happy to assist the Government of Telangana in all possible ways and are privileged to be contributing towards this great cause.” said Bala Malladi, Chief Executive Officer, Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.

ACT Fibernet has exemplified immense social responsibility and is driven towards securing and supporting the welfare of people at large through its various initiatives. The company’s ethos lies in providing support and aid wherever possible, ACT Fibernet strongly commends and salutes the stalwarts who have been fighting this battle against Covid-19 from the forefront.