Actor Raveena Tandon and Shri Kalikesh Singh Deo supported EcoMo Eco Footprints 2020 during the launch in Mumbai

Mumbai: Environment Sustainability is the need of the hour. Awareness and well-identified actionable from various Sectors, regulatory bodies, Influencers as well as Individuals are required. EcoMo was looking for an opportunity to initiate a movement to get everyone together and collectively take responsibility to make this happen.

The launch of EcoMo Eco Footprints 2020 took place in Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on 18th December. Esteemed Panellists for the event were Raveena Tandon- Actor and major supporter of Women Empowerment movement, Shri Kalikesh Singh Deo – Ex Member of Parliament 16th Lok Sabha (2nd Term), Mr. Sudhir Nayar – MD Cisco India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Shuja Ahmad Shekh – CEO Rakyan Beverages Pvt Ltd, and Amrita Bhattacharya – Environment Campaigner – Save the Aarey movement.

EcoMo Eco Footprints 2020 is supported by the Environment Department – Government of Maharashtra. The event was conceptualized, curated and organized by Gratitude Entertainment and Media Inc in association with Prittle Prattle. The event was supported by Patanjali’s Divya Jal packaged drinking water and The Bhamla Foundation. The event aimed at creating awareness about achieving Environment Sustainability in different sectors.

The occassion was attended by various Industry Leaders, Policymakers, Administrators, Celebrities and Influencers. EcoMo has Cwaty – World’s first virtual influencer for animal welfare as its first guest. By simply following her on social media @cwaty.official you will be doing animal welfare for free. CWATY donates 100% of her profits to animal NGOs across India. CWATY has interviewed stray feeders across Mumbai and has visited animal NGOs to discuss welfare activities with the founders.

On world wildlife conservation day she donated toys and dog food to a stray foster. She has also met with the Bollywood industry to discuss strategies to spread awareness on animal laws, endangered species and much more.

There was a live demonstration of PET machines and reverse vending machines and was showcased by Mr. Abhay Bedi. EcoMo Eco Footprints 2020 was been conceptualized by Ms. Amrita Jha to bring change-makers from different walk of life on a common platform to share their journey and vision that has resulted in actual change in Environment.

The panelist collectively discussed challenges, best practices, and roadmap in their respective fields to reduce ecological footprints. The event aims to highlight various strategies like Prevention, Preparations for Reuse, Recycling, Recovery technologies (particularly for energy) and safe disposal amongst other practices to achieve Environmental Sustainability.