New Delhi: Adamas University, one of the best private Universities in Eastern India, hosted a virtual event dedicated to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space as the first man. Professors and academicians from Russia’s People’s Friendship University in Moscow (Prof. Nickolay Parkhitko), Ukraine’s Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv (Prof. Volodymyr Zaslavskyi), and India’s Adamas University (Prof. Naveen Das, Prof. Jitendra K. Pandey, Prof. Aswini Kumar Sharma, Prof. Moumita Mukherjee, and Prof. Moumita Dey) participated in the seminar to remember the milestones achieved by him in the field of science and cosmology.


In today’s day and age we often fail to imagine our lives without science and technology. It is hard for mankind to live without internet, telecommunication, weather forecast app, GPS etc. to name a few and many other such tools. Mankind was lucky to have such patrons, who had the zeal to explore the world beyond universe and find a purpose to benefit humans.


The discussion was on the evolution of science and technology in the field of cosmology, as well as to look back at the heated rivalry between two superpower-holding nations, the Soviet Union and the United States, for cosmos advantages after World War II.


Prof. Samit Ray said, “Gagarin was the first man to fly into space and he encourages many scholars, professors, and experts to explore the unseen, to dream beyond the box, and to come up with numerous scientific and technical solutions to humanity’s current problems. We at Adamas University constantly strive to provide such intellectual discussions/seminars for our students and professors that will have a lasting effect on their lives. I am extremely obliged that we got an opportunity to organize such a talented virtual panel and could dive into the reality.”