Adamas University hosts Webinar on Celebrity Life: Success VS Failure

Kolkata: The School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies, Adamas University organized a webinar titled Celebrity Life: Success VS Failure. The prominent panellists for the webinar were Actor Deboleena Dutta, Director Soumik Sen, Model Apsara Guha Thakurta, Actor-Director-Producer Ashok Viswanathan, Psychologist Dr. Anuttama Banerjee and Actor Sameer Sharma. The renowned faces came together to deliberate upon the causes leading up to such drastic actions as suicide and also what are the ways available to counter the negative impacts of the industry at large.

The 2 hour long webinar was a star studded evening session on the much talked about matter of celebrity life pertaining to their failure and success. Around 600 participants joined the session to peak into the psychology of celebrity life. The celebrities also expressed their grief on the sad demise of the young talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput, last month whose death has led to a huge debate around subjects like Nepotism, Victimization, Favouritsm etc followed by challenges faced by celebrities.

The webinar began with the School of Liberal Arts & Culture Studies, Adamas University Dean Prof. Mrityunjoy Chatterjee introducing the topic. Ms. Deboleena Dutta was the first speaker who started the session with her own personal experience on nepotism, stardom and fame. The session also saw presence of actors like Ashok Viswanathan and Sameer Sharma who agreed with Ms. Dutta and said these factors regularly affected the lives and work of all in the glam world. Director Soumik Sen stressed on hard work and patience to fight the negative influences. Ms Apsara Guha Thakurta agreed that she had faced such traits in her life but had taken these in her stride and never allowed these to dampen her spirits. Psychologist Anuttama Banerjee stressed on regular working out of the mind as well and not let negative feelings and depression dominate.

The panel agreed that failure, nepotism, exploitation, victimization, favouritism and vulnerability are integral parts of Celebrity Lives. The mantra for success, however lay in overcoming these challenges.

The panellists suggested celebrities and budding talents to resort to “mental gyming” to deal with the pressure and expectations of success while balancing them with talent, hard work and patience.

The session was followed by a Q&A where the participants enquired about celebrity lives and their challenges. Additionally Psychologist Anuttama Banerjee answered on how to deal with both success and failures. Many taboo aspects of celebrity lives were openly discussed at the webinar.

Prof Mrityunjoy Chatterjee, Dean School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies, said it is always wonderful to compere such brainstorming sessions which becomes a melting pot of cross ideas and opinion. I thank all the speakers for being so candid in discussing issues which are considered taboo and held in closed cupboards.

On this interesting session Prof. Samit Ray Chancellor Adamas University stated, “We all are going through challenging times where mental health is becoming an important aspect to be taken care of, irrespective of a student or a working professional. I am extremely grateful to my faculty who have taken up an initiative to highlight this crucial subject. We at Adamas have always focussed on the overall growth of our students. We believe such initiatives will help students to charter a path towards a challenging career.”

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