Adamas University launched “Centre for Education, Research and Development”

Kolkata: Adamas University, one of the best private universities in Eastern India recently announced the launch of  “The Centre for Education, Research and Development” by conducting an international workshop on “Interdisciplinary applications and innovations in research methodology”. This was an exclusive five-day session with eight eminent international and national speakers from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. At present the The Centre for Education, Research and Development is headed by Centre Co-ordinator, Dr.Prarthita Biswas, Associate Prof.& Head of the Dept.,School of Education, Adamas University. She is also the Ph.D. Convener of the Dept.of Education.

During his inaugural address of the workshop, Prof.Dr.Deependra Kumar Jha, Vice-Chancellor of Adamas  University have highlighted upon the interdisciplinary culture and innovations in research in the 21st century. Also, during the valedictory session , Prof.Dr. Naveen Das,Pro Vice-Chancellor(Academic Affairs) & Dean,School of Business and Economics have stressed upon multidisciplinary research of the 21st century. Professor Ujjwal Chowdhury, Pro Vice-Chancellor(Public Relations & Media Affairs) had highlighted upon   PhyGital OR Hybrid Mentoring-Learning and Research in the 21st century.

The Centre for Education, Research and Development will cover various domains such as Early Childhood Care Education and Research, Inclusive Education and Special Education, Psychology of Education, Educational Administration, Peace Education, Globalized Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy, Technology and blended learning, Mentoring System in a Hybrid World and Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary research. Anyone who is a part of Adamas University and has a flair for research can be a part of this Centre.

After completing the research, the students will be ready with all their exceptional research elements and developmental skills to explore future prospects in the academic sector. With the purpose of fostering an innovation culture among students and providing them with assistance through incubation, Adamas University plans has launched four more research centres, which are the “Centre for High-End Computing and Research”, to encourage inter disciplinary activities, “Centre for Stem-Cell Research” to look for research areas like various adult stem cell niches and other domains ,”Centre for Research in Business Analytics” that aims to apply data-intensive approaches to current business priorities application and “Centre for Material Research”  which would emphasize on creating and nurturing a community of resourceful individuals in advanced materials by developing core competencies in Synthesis.  The research and development affairs of Adamas University is at present headed by Pro-Vice Chancellor(R&D Affairs), Prof. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pandey,who is also the Dean, School of Basic and Applied Sciences & Prof.Dr.Moumita Mukherjee, Dean(R&D)&Professor,Dept.of Physics. The main aim of the centers would be to bring in the scholars and researchers across the globe under one umbrella.

The centers will be nationally and internationally recognized for their teaching, research and creative excellence, sought after by students and faculty alike as their preferred spot for study. It will also be known for its relevant and innovative programming and responsiveness to educational partners. Through these research centers’ students will be able to develop critical thinking, as well as effective analytical, research, and communication skills which will help the students grow overall.

Prof. Samit Ray, Chancellor, Adamas University said “The establishment of these centers are aimed at providing our students with opportunities that would help them in the long run. A student who starts his journey with Adamas can focus only on his goals, we are equipped to provide them the best and highest degree of education. At Adamas University, we have been constantly striving to provide our students with such materials and skills that will have a lasting effect on their lives. I am also obliged to all the faculties and support system of Adamas University who helped us to achieve this goal.”

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