Adani Skill Development Centre started e- learning classes

Dhamra: Technology has the ability to enhance the quality of life of a student. It has the ability to build relationships between teachers & students. Learning with technology has become essential in every educational institution. Worldwide, government, education systems, researchers, school leaders, trainers and parents consider technology to be a critical part of child’s education.

At this time the World is facing a severe pandemic, the outbreak of COVID- 19 – Coronavirus disease has created a worldwide crisis in every field. With quarantine, lockdown and social distancing being implemented, our only source of help is the technology. In this uncertain environment, it’s important that learning continues, even if it can’t happen in person. Keeping this in view, Adani Skill Development Centre, Dhamra have never stepped back and always remain with their trainees in this critical time. They have used the best practices and implementing online e- learning classes for their trainees who are studying remotely.

Every day the trainer’s of Adani Skill Development Centre, Dhamra are working hard to ensure that they impart quality training through e- learning classes, despite of facing challenges of poor network, low accessibility of Smartphone’s, they haven’t stopped in providing online classes. Core focus is given to Soft skills training program, information on preventive measures from COVID- 19, basic digital literacy skills and information regarding online certification program. ASDC is ensuring that each trainee receives at least 7hr of virtual learning a week with interactive session including videos, PPT and impactful lessons.

In times like this, it’s the effort of Adani Skill Development Centre, Dhamra that plays an outstanding role in strengthening the society, informing & education people and in turn creating a strong social and cultural impact on society.