Adani VidyaMandir School, Ahmedabad got the distinction of being the first cost-free school in India to get NABET Accredited School certificate

Ahmedabad: National Accreditation Board for Education and Training(NABET) under Quality Council of India (QCI) certifies Adani VidyaMandir, Ahmedabad (AVMA) as the ‘NABET Accredited School’ thus making AVMA the first cost-free school in India to achieve this feat. With this, AVMA becomes a symbol of academic and human excellence following the highest standards set by the nation.

AVMA is a 100% process driven school where processes and their implementation are first audited thereafter validated by a third party, QCI: the highest National Accreditation Body.

Established in June 2008, Adani VidyaMandir (AVM), Ahmedabad ‘An Ideal Temple of Learning’ was set up for children who are blessed with talents but face economic disadvantages. Adani Foundation provide these talented students cost free high quality education with complimentary support in transport, uniform, books and healthy meals.

“Adani VidyaMandir is known for its child-centric approach and experimental learning. Our children are familiarized with value education and character building while they make progress in studies and extra-curricular activities. Helping children grow up as responsible citizens is integral part of our mission.”saidDr. Priti Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation.

Adani VidyaMandir, Ahmedabad is coed and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi offering state-of-art school building, designated inspiring activity centres, multipurpose hall, Library, Computer Lab, Science Labs, Math Lab, Seminar hall, and green classrooms to name a few. The lush green, smart school campus challenges and motivates students to realize their potential to become a successful and responsible citizen.

The tastefully designed school building houses large, well-furnished classrooms with advanced educational technology. Apart from well-equipped specialist laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math, the School houses Music room and aesthetically decorated Art Room that gives space for a wide range of activities like Drawing, Painting and Craft.

The school offers qualified handpicked staff, English speaking natural ambience, dedicated healing room, stress free comprehensive education and training in a student- friendly ambience day school.

The sports facilities include playing fields for Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Kho Kho and a 200 m athletic track. The other school activities include Indoor games, Training in Classical Music, Musical Instruments, School band, Dramatics, etc.

Special care is taken to serve freshly cooked balanced diet under the most hygienic conditions at the school cafeteria. The school has a well-equipped Medical Care Unit that is well prepared to handle routine health matters.

To cater to the differently abled, AVMA through the appointment of a school councillor ensure an overall development of differently abled that enables them to join mainstream of education system with self-esteem.