Adda247 announces free study material for students on its tech-enabled online platform, invites teachers from offline training institutes to take classes for free!

April 2nd, 2020. Delivering on its mission of empowering students through easy access to quality education, Adda247, India’s largest and fastest-growing education-technology company for Test preparation, has announced a duo of beneficial and complimentary learning initiatives for students and coaching institutes amidst the Corona Pandemic.

Adda247 has invited offline coaching institutes to utilize its state-of-the-art platform to conduct free classes for students for the exam preparation for banks, SSC, Teaching, Defence, PCS, etc. Adda247 is also disseminating free study material to students on its digital learning. The online tech driven platform is the first one in the industry vertical, who is enabling the apparent need of the hour by beckoning adept offline tuition centers to utilize the company’s advanced platform for disseminating essential lessons to students. In the event of coaching institutes remaining closed owing to the pan-India lockdown, such an initiative will prove extremely valuable in furthering their knowledge curve.

In a first, to increase the engagement, Adda247 has launched #21DaysChallenge for community activities in the form of free mock tests for students. The platform is also providing the courses for test preparation at an affordable price.

Commenting on this noble and thoughtful gesture, Anil Nagar, CEO and Founder, Adda247 said, “This is indeed a trying period for the entire human race, something that can only be overcome through a synergized cooperation of intelligence and resources by all the countries of the world. But it is also true that adversities no matter how hard are verily, a test of human character. We pledge to overcome this calamitous epidemic by uniting our efforts and our prayers with the world.

Moreover, as responsible corporate citizens, I felt that it is our foremost duty to assist and empower our learning user base which also comprises less affluent students with limited economic means. Providing free study materials to every student from eminent tutors on our cutting edge platform is the very least that we can contribute during the national shutdown of all schools and coaching institutes. After all, the equal transmission of knowledge is the essential antidotal panacea to every human predicament. “

Over the years, Adda247 has developed a highly-scalable, technology-driven platform that ensures zero latency to the existing users, especially in times of new acquisitions . With overall funding to the tune of INR 3 million, Adda247 has created a team of 500+ professionals and a broad network of more than 100 teachers. On the back of its unique value proposition, Adda247 has achieved over 5 million YouTube subscribers and over 10 million app downloads.