The Adecco Group, India completes its search for the 2018 ‘CEO for One Month’

Bangalore: Today, The Adecco Group (India), the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, announced the India finalist of the *CEO for one month 2018 programme. Anubhav Das is one of the 47 aspiring *CEOs for one month who will take on this internship for the period of June-July, 2018. He was one of the 19,500+ hopefuls who had applied to participate in this initiative.

Anubhav Das, student of BITS Pilani, will receive a paid and highly valuable internship, working under the mentorship of Priyanshu Singh, Country Manager & MD, The Adecco Group India and alongside other members of the executive team. This initiative will provide him the opportunity to learn on the job by joining operations reviews, meetings with clients, discussions with management executives and gaining a bird’s eye view of understanding the intricacies of managing a complex multinational organization.

“Would-be employers often cite a lack of required skills and the shortcomings of traditional education as reasons for the inability to hire and absorb the large number of young graduates that India produces each year. These are exactly the kind of challenges that we at The Adecco Group hope to tackle through initiatives like the *CEO for One Month internship. This internship will provide young individuals with vital, real-world experiences that will give them an edge as they enter a very competitive labour market” said Priyanshu Singh, Country Manager & MD, The Adecco Group India.

Since the scheme’s introduction five years ago, The Adecco Group is committed to tackling unemployment challenges through programmes such as ‘CEO for One Month’ and Experience Work Day which come from Adecco’s Way to Work® initiative. This programme has provided more than 20,000 young people with vocational training since 2015 – including over 140 candidates who have joined The Adecco Group ‘CEO for one month’ global network. The ultimate goal is to impact their lives by preparing them for future employment, and to empower them with the necessary tools to successfully navigate the world of work. Surprisingly, this programme has also become a readily available pool of talent for both The Adecco Group, with many candidates consequently joining the organization or finding placements with the Group’s stellar clientele.

“The journey of two months finally comes to an end. And I guess the only word I can use to sum up the multitude of thoughts in my head, would be exhilaration. I had never imagined while applying to the competition with trepidation in the last few days of the application process that I might end up here. I guess, it’s almost like a heady rush and while I’m certain this extraordinary journey has just begun, I’m grateful to be here “said Anubhav Das, *CEO for one Month 2018, Adecco Group India.

Anubhav was one of the top six finalists who attended the final boot camp held at The Adecco Group, India headquarter in Bengaluru between May 21st & 22nd. The decision was consequent to a rigorous, globally defined evaluation process of reviews and evaluation by the executive committee. While the *CEO for one month initiative was open for applications online, The Adecco Group India also reached out to 45 colleges across 16 cities to create awareness on the programme.

The 47 participants have a potential opportunity to be selected as the ‘Global CEO for One Month’, offering a chance to work alongside Alain Dehaze, The Adecco Group Global CEO. The initiative now in its 5th year, offers an insider’s view of how to manage a multinational organization with 33,000 employees in 60 territories and revenues of more than 23 billion euros. ‘CEO for One Month’ is part of Way to Work, The Adecco Group’s programme launched in 2013 to give young people opportunities and allow them to thrive through the power of work.